Kim believes in reframing the way we approach criminal justice to a “care first, incarceration last” standard in legally eligible cases.

  Incarceration costs

California taxpayers pay $106,000 per year to keep one person in prison.

California budgeted $14.5 billion for prisons in 2023.

In Los Angeles County, the jail budget has increased 44 percent since fiscal year 2011.

  Jailing vs rehabilitation

About 7,000 people in Los Angeles County jails are detained pretrial and presumed innocent, representing nearly half of LA County’s current jail population.

And yet, data supports that rehabilitation is more cost-effective, more humane, and reduces recidivism.

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  Our elections

2022 was the first time any public defender was elected to the bench in LA County.

   Vote in the primary: March 5, 2024!